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Before starting Word, you will want to go into the Task Manager to stop all instances of Microsoft Word that are running. Right-click the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and choose Task Manager. Repeat this for any occurrences of the Winword. Now you are ready to open Word again. It will automatically search for any AutoRecover files. If they are present, the Document Recovery task pane will open. Now, you can open the file and continue working. When you go to that location, you will be searching for files with.

If you have not had any problems like this, it is worth your time to check your options and enable your backup copy and AutoRecover features. You never know when you might encounter this same issue and wish you had setup those two items. If you would like more information, check out another blog post about recovering files. If you have tried everything and are ready to call IT, make sure you have notes of exact steps that you have taken.

If you can save screenshots, that could be helpful, too. Microsoft Word Keeps Crashing — Why? Disable Add-ins If Word keeps crashing, you may find that an add-in can be the culprit.

Open Last Saved Version If you did save at some point before Word crashed and have saved it on a drive, you could probably recover at least the portion of the document through the last time you had hit save. Search for File If it was saved at any point on a hard drive or USB drive, you could also do a search for it.

Figure 1 If you find the file in the list, then you can double-click the name of the file to open it. Word Backup File Additionally, you can see if there is a backup copy of the Word file. Skip to content Summary: Microsoft Word is undoubtedly the most preferred application on the planet for creating documents. This would result in conflict and cause trouble in opening the Word document. Method 1: Use Safe Mode to open the MS Word Booting your Windows into Safe mode and trying to open the Word application is the easiest way to check if the application has any add-in or plug-in related Word errors.

How to Repair Crashed Word documents on Mac? Restart the computer if you are already using it. You will be able to hear the startup sound. As soon as you hear the ring; press the Shift key on the keyword.

Hold the Shift key for a few seconds to restart Mac in the safe mode. You could notice Safe Mode at the top right corner of the screen. Just log-in to your account and try accessing the MS Word application on it. Start the Disk Utility program. From the left panel, select the primary disk on your system.

In most of the cases, it is Macintosh HD. Now, click on the First Aid option from its toolbar and confirm your choice. Mac starts the process of repairing the disk. Once it completes the repairing process, restart your Mac and check if Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac or not. Method 3: Clearing the AutoRecovery Folder MS Word comes with an inbuilt feature Auto-save that automatically saves the running document in the background. When Word Preferences tab appears, click on the File Locations icon from here.

This will open the File Locations feature on the screen. Click on the User templates option and choose to Reset You can also click on the Modify button to view it. Here, you can see a Normal You can cut and paste it to any other location like your desktop or simply move it to the Trash as well. You may have come across such a problem where you try to open MS Word but instead, you get a blank page and this is called normal.

Most of the Word crashes due to normal. Follow the below steps to delete it:. Sometimes, the Word crashing can cause due to the incompatibility of the Add-ins. Follow the easy steps:. Temporary Temp files are created automatically to store information temporarily. Each and every time when you open or edit Word file, Word file creates a range of temporary files. When Word documents crash it creates and leaves the temp files behind the interrupt with normal processing of Word.

To fix the problems you must delete the temp files by following the below steps. To troubleshoot Microsoft word keeps crashing Windows 10, you can run the office repair tool by trying the below instructions:.



Microsoft Word Crashing – Scenarios and Solutions | – Info | Remo Software.[Best Guide] How To Fix Microsoft Word Keeps Crashing Windows 10

Now, after stopping the Print Spooler service, open the file explorer and enter the following path, and hit Enter. Each and every time when you open or edit Word file, Word file creates a range of temporary files. After that, launch the Services app again and start the Print Spooler service. The tool is compatible with all the versions of MS Word application including the new , , , and other old versions. In Windows, you can click in the Search box. What are some actionable steps you can take when you have Microsoft Word crashing?


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