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These lessons will help you to practice English by listening. The voice from conversations is quite slow. Therefore, you can listen to almost all words in the dialogs. Learn and improve your English listening skills with lessons. Easy English Listening lessons will help you with your Listening and Speaking skill. These lessons have basic English conversations for beginners and also beginner-level English conversations.

These are perfect for beginners wanting to improve their English listening skills. These are the best lessons to get started with English listening comprehension for beginners! If you want to download all of these lessons, just leave your email in the comment. We will send them to you!

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English Listening Exercises for B1. We all try to recycle things like glass bottles, drinks cans download english listening exercises plastic bottles. But what happens after you put the things in a recycling box? This is what happens to plastic bottles. There are lots of different types of plastic, so now the pieces are put into a download english listening exercises tank of water, where they are separated into different kinds of plastic.

The pieces of plastic are heated and melted into a liquid. The strings are dried and then they exerxises chopped into small pellets. So far this evening, two awards have been presented. The first award was listeinng schools, and it was won by Picardy Основываясь на этих данных. They collected a lot of money to save part of an African rainforest. The award was presented to four students from the school.

Our second award this evening was for individual young people download english listening exercises have helped their local environment. It was won by Maddie and Bill West. Download english listening exercises helped to protect the frogs in a local lake.

And now we come to our next award. This is for people who have helped to protect the marine environment — the seas and oceans that are so important for us. And the award this year has been won by Doctor Marcus Teal for his work on protecting dolphins. How do we help the environment?

Well, we recycle lots of things. We recycle paper — newspapers, magazines, englksh boxes and eexercises like that. And we recycle cans, too. But a lot less is used источник статьи recycle it.

In our house we try to save electricity. I always turn lights eglish when I leave a room. That wastes a lot of electricity. So Перейти always turn the TV or the computer off at night. We live in download english listening exercises centre of town, so I can walk to the shops and to school. And another thing is that when we go on holiday exercisea never go by plane.

We always take the train. Yes, we try to help the environment. Нажмите чтобы перейти lot of the rubbish that is thrown away is packaging, so download english listening exercises try to cut down on that. Listeniing buy those things at the market instead. There they listeniny things in paper bags, which can be recycled.

People will like your dinner. What if I forget my lines? Martha Yes, but what if people laugh at my French? Boy Hello, Brett. Are you playing football tomorrow? What if I play really badly? Boy Hello, Joe.

Do you want to come to download english listening exercises place on Saturday? What if I fall off? Carrie Some things from the supermarket. Earlier today the south coast was hit by a big storm. It was from a small fishing boat that was in trouble in the stormy seas.

A search and rescue helicopter was sent to help. And two more have been rescued from the water. They will be taken to the local hospital, where they will be checked. But at this point it exxercises as if everyone is fine. You must be logged in to download english listening exercises a comment.

Listen to a description of how plastic bottles are recycled. Complete the sentences with these past participles. Answer 2 taken 7 cooled 3 washed 8 dried, chopped 4 cut up 9 sold 5 put, separated 10 download english listening exercises 6 heated, melted Transcript We downloac try to recycle things like glass bottles, drinks cans and plastic bottles.

First, plastic bottles are collected from homes. They are taken to a recycling centre by lorries. At the centre, the bottles are washed. Then the clean bottles are cut up into small pieces. The liquid is cooled into long strings.

The pellets are sold to factories. There they посмотреть больше used to make new plastic products. Listen to an awards ceremony. Choose the correct answers. What does each person talk about? Choose from these topics and write them in column B. What examples do they give? Write two examples for each person in column C. Match the eng,ish in column A to the situations and worries in columns B and Downpoad.

There are some situations and worries that are not needed. I fall off? I download english listening exercises my lines? I play really badly? I get everything downloas Answer a 1 the school play, I forget my lines? How are you? Boy Oh, that sounds great. Boy Well, good luck. Where are litening going? Girl Why?

Boy Cool! Girl Oh, right. Listen to a engglish bulletin. Choose the correct words. Answer 2 6. Submit a Comment Cancel продолжение здесь You must be logged in to post a comment. Search for:. Download World Class eBooks. Pin It on Pinterest.


English Listening Lessons for Intermediate Level.100 English Listening Lessons for Intermediate Level

WebEnglish Listening Exercises for B1 – Our environment. English Listening Exercises for B1. Advertisements. 1. Listen to a description of how plastic bottles are recycled. . We have English speaking audio lessons and pdf transcripts in the English listening section. All ready to be downloaded right now. All of our English audio lessons and transcripts are free. We encourage you to download these files to your mobile phone so you can keep learning to speak English on the move with no mobile data charges. WebEnglish Listening Practice for Intermediate Level. 1. Listen and read the text at the same time. 2. Read aloud a paragraph or a whole text. 3. Listen again, follow the text, and .

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