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Have you ever encountered a situation in which you just keep getting error messages while running a game like the one below. VRAM or Video Random Access Memory is a set of specialized memory that stores all the graphics related information and data like images which are displayed on the computer. When a picture is to be displayed on the computer screen, the image data is first read by the CPU.

The image data is then stored on the VRAM. This signal is finally sent to the display where we see the final image on the Screen. First two methods involve memory allocation without using BIOS. This will fake an increase in VRAM because the unused memory will now be shared by your graphics card.

This also increases VRAM, but if not done properly may lead to technical failures. So, without further ado, here are the five methods to increase VRAM for your laptop. Regedit or Registry editor can be used to fake an increase in VRAM by allocating some unused memory to the graphics card.

Follow the steps to increase dedicated video memory through regedit. Next type in regedit and click OK. Step 2 — This will open the Registry Editor. Step 5 — Right-click on Intel folder, then click on New and then click on Key. Step 6 — A new key will be created under Intel folder New Key 1. Make sure you capitalize first letter of each word and write them together without any spaces. Select Base as Hexadecimal. Now, enter the Value data using the table below and click OK.

Step 13 — Restart your laptop to add the final changes. Step 1 — Go to Control Panel. Step 2 — Inside Control Panel, you will see a lot of settings. Click on System. Step 3 — Click on Advanced System Settings. Step 4 — A new System properties window will open. Under Advanced tab, click on the Settings button in the Performance section.

Step 5 — A new Performance Options window will open. First, select the Advanced option on top and then click on the Change button inside the Virtual memory section. Step 6 — A new Virtual Memory window will open. After this, click on the Set button. Step 8 — Now, make sure the new Paging File size appears on top as Next, click on OK button.

Just click on the OK button. Step 10 — You will receive a new notification from Performance options. Make sure new Total Paging file size for all drives appears as MB. Step 11 — Finally you will receive a notification from Microsoft Windows to Restart your computer. If you are unable to do it, then contact your computer manufacturer for help. You can also seek help from a computer repair shop. In some brands like Lenovo, you have to navigate to Devices and then select Video Setup.

Step 3 — Now, you will see different options for Video Memory Size. Select the video memory size according to the RAM your computer has by following the table below. Here is a video that explains how to do it with BIOS. This is for HP and Lenovo computers.

These integrated graphics chipset from Intel use memory from RAM to render images. If you want to enjoy gaming, designing games on Unity, or video editing without any lags or other performance issues, then just buy a laptop or desktop with plenty of VRAM.

Graphics cards have become really powerful nowadays. Some laptops also have additional GPU slots, if your laptop has an additional slot then you can buy a graphics card that supports your motherboard. You can also buy an external graphics card. You will need enough system RAM too for streaming and gaming.

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