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Freedom Fighters is a third-person shooter video game for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox and Microsoft Windows. It was developed by IO Interactive. Freedom fighters game download is a third-person incredible action shooting game that was released in and plays this game on various platforms like ps2.


Freedom Fighters – Old Games Download – Intense third-person action game


Plus there are plans for eight-way multiplayer support. The flag waving begins next spring. Communists eh? Just when you thought all that stuff over in Russia had been drowned in a torrent of vodka, organised crime and Tom Clancy bollocks, it turns out that in an alternate time-line they’ve only gone and taken over the United States. Thankfully a New York plumber is on hand to lead the fight against the pinko-Ruskie terror, make lots of things explode and wave the star-spangled banner right in Ivan’s dirty face.

Freedom Fighters is a third-person squad-based shooter that revels in its own simplicity. You recruit people by sidling up to them and pressing the ‘E’ button and consequently give them orders that never stray beyond follow me”, stay here” and go over there and shoot stuff”. At first, when you’re a rookie warrior and don’t have the notoriety to recruit more than one or two brothers-in-arms, it’s easy to sneer at the basic way in which the game works.

But when you’re leading eight men into battle, with the basic command system allowing you to put some rudimentary battle tactics into the mix, the sheer joy of simple arcade action takes over. Barrels explode, bodies fly 20 feet into the air, machine-gun turrets are taken over and countless Russians are set alight by your array of incendiary devices – and all to stirring Russian music with choirs chanting in ominous bass tones.

The maps you fight through are reminiscent of the early missions of Deus Ex : urban pockets of New York with various targets on each marked for liberation. It tries to hoodwink you into thinking it’s slightly non-linear, but episodes will always end with the US flag being raised over some civic building while you roll your eyes, mutter darkly about American foreign policy and hypocritically wait until the game lets you kill some more Russians.

Al-wise, your enemies are nothing more than cannon fodder. They’ll occasionally duck behind buildings or leg it to the nearest vacant machinegun placement, but they’ll spend most of their time standing around or being blown about the screen by some pretty impressive rag-doll physics. The game also suffers in the weaponry department, which is pretty humdrum, while the Russians themselves take a lot of killing. I undertook a ‘scientific survey’ which revealed that the average Soviet Trooper can take three sniper shots to the groin before collapsing.

Balls of steel? Maybe, but those used to the one-shot-one-kill mentality may have a hard time adjusting. In the annals of gaming history, Freedom Fighters won’t even make it to a foot-note, but as a ‘disengage-brain’ late-night distraction it more than fulfils its duties as a supplier of popcornentertainment.

Fidel Castro won’t like it, but you probably will. Ready to rumble with the Russkies in the most outdated future since The Jetsons? Then try out these single-and multiplayer tactics. Those Soviets will be cogs in the capitalist machine in no time, watching American sitcoms and purchasing quality electronics equipment at rock-bottom prices. A strategically placed truck may otter a way around a Soviet kill zone. Almost all primary objectives are well defended–the Soviets expect you to make a direct trontal assault on their positions.

But in most cases, you can find an alternate way to reach an objective that either bypasses the Soviet defensive positions or allows you to attack the flanks, avoiding their mounted machine guns.

When you see a Soviet defensive position, look around for an open window or door, a hole in a wall, or even crates or a vehicle that will boost you over a wall or into an upper level.

There’s almost always an easier way. Now it is up to fight against the resistance and take back the new york or get arrested otherwise killed through the hands of Nazis. You have to undertake the challenge of defending freedom. Download Here. Above 5 GB Games. PC Software. Action PC Games. All PC Games. Shit, also known as expected-configuration freedom, enables game mode of computers, devices, and headsets on IP headlines.

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Freedom Fighters Free Download.Freedom Fighters Free Download

Freedom Fighters Full Version PC Game Highly Compressed Setup Free Download With Single Direct Link. Freedom fighters game download is a third-person incredible action shooting game that was released in and plays this game on various platforms like ps2. Freedom Fighters Free Download PC game in a pre-installed direct link. Download the game instantly and play without installing.

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